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Colourful and elegant clothing designed for nordic weather

Drizzle, snug wind, tropical rain, sun, southerly wind, strong rain showers, cold gusts, slush in the air, wet sidewalks, dense snow, dark skies, heavy rain. Crisp and clean air. Nordic Weather.

Nordic Weather build their competence by encountering the elements. Scandinavian design for an urban lifestyle in combination with an exceptional high technical quality. It is a headturning range of clothes for women who want to look fashionable, colourful and elegant. Each garment is lightweight for everyday use, while simultaneously keeping you safe from variable weather. 


  • We choose from the latest in high-tech quality fabrics
  • Our manufacturer are carefully chosen and we frequently check both working conditions and quality
  • We aspire to be the Nordic brand for ‘contemporary dressing’ and best weather protection
  • Elegant and colourful design for an urban lifestyle

We are always open to new ideas and inspiration. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.